Press: Launch of NetShare

In order to increase the reach and usefulness of its broadband services, Speakeasy launched their WiFi sharing service, NetShare, to their customers.

Web - PR - NetShare I have seen the spectrum! Seattle-based Internet service provider Speakeasy last week unveiled WiFi NetShare, a service that allows subscribers to legally share their broadband connection with neighbors within 300 to 500 feet through a wireless Internet connection.

Customers become Wi-Fi “administrators” and charge their own subscription fee to neighbors who share their Internet connection. Speakeasy handles the billing for everyone.

The company said 40 percent of its subscribers already operate Wi-Fi networks through their homes — compared with a 3 percent national average. The service is a way to turn their customers into “Wi-Fi evangelists.”


A great memory was launching NetShare: WiFi sharing. It wasn’t a great commercial success, but it was fun to do something nobody had done before, just … because. — Arnaud Gautier

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