Press: Launch of OneLink – High-speed access without local line

In 2004, DSL services were often delivered in tandem with existing telephone land lines. As more and more households transitioned away from land lines, Speakeasy saw a new way to differentiate itself. The launch of OneLink enabled customers to setup DSL services without the requirement of maintaining a land line.

High-speed access without local line

SEATTLE — Speakeasy, a provider of high-speed broadband services, said yesterday it will offer nationwide ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) service to consumers and businesses in conjunction with Covad Communications Group.

Seattle-based Speakeasy said the service, which will be marketed as OneLink, is the first to offer high-speed Internet access over phone lines without requiring that a local telephone line be installed.

The service could work for someone who uses a cellphone as a primary phone, the company said. Customers could combine the service with voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) technology, which allows computers to make telephone calls over the Internet and avoid the phone company altogether, the company added. Speakeasy is planning to launch its own VoIP service in August.


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