The Speakeasy Effect: Edward Bender

Web - Crew -Edward Bender - 1Speakeasy is completely responsible for what is now a 15+ year career in cutting edge Internet infrastructure & access. While yes, Speakeasy taught me the fundamentals of Internet technology, I also learned how to scale a company, while adhering to a special oath to continuously improve the Internet and thereby the world’s ability to access information, share ideas and collaborate on empowering projects.

It seems like everyone that is in a leadership role at every company that is doing ‘good’ for the Internet today had a Speakeasy account at one time. I work with the largest entertainment services and cloud platforms today, and upon meeting a new partner/customer, if I mention I worked at Speakeasy, I am immediately granted a special status of being someone who cares, which is quite helpful. It also happens to be real. ‘Oh you worked at Speakeasy? We launched our company on Speakeasy at our dorm room! Static IP! Linux!’

I’m writing this from the office of what will be my 3rd rapid growth Internet infrastructure company; I love my job and life today, and I know I simply would not be here had I never walked in to the Cafe at 18 years old. Every day I feel the impact Speakeasy has had on my life, professionally and personally, I can’t imagine (nor would I want) it any other way.

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