The Final Song of Buddy Rose

Web - Cafe - Killer Pa2ts Pink Elephant GunHere’s my Killer saga; I was mercilessly taken out by Vain’s owner, Victoria Gentry:

Belltown was quiet. The morning was easy. I knew my first early AM meeting wasn’t involved. Getting to 2222 was the only challenge till 4:00PM. My second meeting in the safe building would be a snap … as long as I was clever.

Then she walked in. We were looking for the perfect colors on a page and she knew where they were. A poster just a short walk down the street to Wall of Sound’s billboard.

So it is you my sweet dear. I won’t be fooled by such
sincere brown eyes. Going out unarmed with you in the
best of times would be unwise.

I went back to get my jacket, keys and “elephant gun”. It fit so sweetly in the hand with its pink ears. This would be easy. She walked through the front shops first. I positioned the gun for easy access. Then I turned to close the door.

The audience watching the movie of my life rose up screaming, “Don’t turn away. You’re too nice little Seattle girl!”

I fumbled as I turned back.
The weapon got caught in the lining of my pocket.
The water ran down my front.
I got off a parting shot, but the attack was complete.
My game was over.

— Patt Cranage

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