Somehow We Made a Company Happen

Web - Crew - Jessica ForbesMy favorite memories of working at Speakeasy all have to do with how ridiculous all of it seemed. We had a shower in the office. If you had an idea, you just did it — if it worked, awesome!

I was put into meetings with telecom CEOs and lawyers before I could even legally drink alcohol, and told them they were stupid and how I thought they should fix their companies.

When we needed more office space, we took sledgehammers to the walls.

There was a week when Mike told us we needed to hire 20 people by Friday and have them all working by Monday — and so we did it.

We also had that amazing MP3 server that was completely legit and totally not illegal at all.

Colin Powell was a customer and had my personal AIM handle (a username I picked when I was 15, Sprklebebe) and would instant message me to complain about his bill.

We had a lot of parties, fights, hookups, breakups and somehow made a company happen in the middle of all of that.

— Jessica Forbes

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