Lateral Memories

A lot of my favorite memories are sort of lateral:

  • The Valentine’s Day party that was upstairs in the half-finished next door space when the cops showed up
  • Going to Burning Man and the New Year’s Eve Parade with some of the Speakeasy Adjacent people
  • The Hurley Boys and their hilarious send-ups of some of our more terrible customers
  • Sitting way in the back with Matt Chapman and getting BeOS to dual boot on my desktop machine
  • Learning Colin Powell’s AOL account and his (likely) password
  • All the VIP dish we got about people
  • Getting in early and getting to make your own espresso, I think Tyler taught me how the espresso machine worked
  • My own personal DSL install was a ridiculous clusterfuck which helped me, I think, be more compassionate to people managing their own weird tech issues.
  • We could change our reverse DNS lookups so we’d all show up in people’s referrer logs with stuff like
  • The Lava Lounge
  • Table shuffleboard at Mama’s
  • Gilad’s short-lived tenure
  • Rob going to the BVI to set up a wireless ISP
  • Driving cross-country with Nick Barkas and staying in a tipi in Montana with people I’d met at the WTO

— Jessamyn West

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