Guinness is Good for You

Web - Crew - Joel FletcherThe first time I had seen Mike Apgar was when my manager walked our training group through the Blue Room and the support floor to get the layout.

The next time I saw him was my first day, my first actual phone call, on the support floor. I was literally asking the customer for their username when he tapped me on the shoulder and motioned me to put them on hold. ‘Okay, hold on just a sec,’ I said to the customer and then, to him, ‘Hi?’ He responded with, ‘What kind of beer do you like?’ Kind of stunned, I wasn’t quite sure; so I just said, ‘Guinness?’ He said, ‘Cool!’ and then ran off.

So I turned myself back around and back to the customer and started to say, ‘Okay, what was your userna…’ and then bam! There was Mike, smiling, holding a can of Guinness in front of me.

— Joel Fletcher

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