The Speakeasy Effect: Cristien Storm

Web - Crew - Cristien StormThe Speakeasy, along side Vain and Black Dog Forge, are all such fine examples of people doing what they love, making a business, a neighborhood and community. Supporting people, the arts, local politics, living the value of community — for me it was great to see both nonprofits and businesses living their values — not without stress and struggle, but doing it all the same.

Speakeasy and the folks who worked there really reinforced and embodied the idea that you can start a business that reflects your values (and have a damn good time). I know there was also a ton of stress, but the attitude was positive and hopeful — as someone who has always worked to not only live my values, but to keep imagining alternatives and struggling to live them, those days really solidified that commitment.

Today I have a sliding scale counseling business and have published a book on self-care and social change — both of which are rooted in the belief that how we live, work and take care of ourselves and one another matters — roots I felt strongly were part of the community at Speakeasy.

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