The Speakeasy Effect: Nikoel Stevens

Crew - Nikoel Stevens | A Tribute to SpeakeasyMy life has been impacted irrevocably.

I worked for MegaPath until 2015 when I was laid off after they sold their Managed Services division. While it was vastly different in the latter years from the early days, there were still people and things that had been constant.

I now work for my local county law enforcement agency about an hour and a half south of Seattle.

I work in an office filled with hometown people who have never worked in another office before. For the first time in my life, I have more technical experience and knowledge than the majority of the people around me and I find it endlessly amusing.

I’m constantly thinking about the various experiences and different kinds of people I worked with over those 15 years and I’m forever grateful for the time I spent at Speakeasy.

Now that I’m officially looking back, I can see how instrumental that job was in shaping who I am today and undoubtedly it will still affect who I’m working toward being in the future.

Long live the Speakeasy Cafe!

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