The Speakeasy Effect: John Higgie

Web - Crew - John HiggieI have been at 3 different companies since my position came to an end at Speakeasy back in 2010. At all three spots, I don’t think a week has ever gone by when I didn’t tell a story about a best practice I learned, used what I learned about how to deal with a complex finance issue or tell someone about what a great place it was to work.

I really learned the importance of teamwork and communication. These things haven’t existed at one or two of my subsequent stops and you see it really reflected in their cultures. I learned to think about not just my team but about all of the employees at the company.

I was always very fortunate to have great employees. I think that is why I always looked forward to coming to Speakeasy every day – even when I had to do things that maybe were not the most fun. Having a great team definitely made my job easier!

Finally, I think what Speakeasy means the most to me is that I developed great lasting friendships that are very important to me. Thanks Mike, Gretchen and Tyler for founding something that I will always be very proud to have been a part of.

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