The Speakeasy Effect: Michelle Morano Wittenborn

Michelle Morano Wittenborn | A Tribute to SpeakeasyHow did working at Speakeasy effect my life? I could write a novel on this question really. The impact working at Speakeasy had on me is hard to quantify, it’s so much.

Speakeasy was the first company to take a chance on me. At the time I had a GED and limited work experience. That company invested in me, and grew and groomed me to the point of management.

I was trained in corporate ethics and Gallup corporate strategy. I was trained and given experience and opportunities that I otherwise would never have had at my education and experience level. I went from having crappy jobs to having a career and a direction.

Since then I have gotten my BA and MBA and I can say that I would have never seen myself as capable of those things had my mentors at Speakeasy not believed in me. This is a professional impact, yes, but also a personal one.

I also learned so much about corporate ethics and positive management that I have brought with me to other jobs. Thanks to Speakeasy I am positioned to work in upper levels of management, I have an MBA now, and I know that if you invest in people, even if they seem unlikely to succeed, that more often than not you get a great payoff.

At current jobs I find myself saying “at Speakeasy we used to…” quite often. What a fine example of loving your job.

I also never loved working at a job so much in my entire life, it was like a job golden age, I worked with people I respected and personally liked very much.

I always seek to bring a little bit of that energy to all my workplaces moving forward.

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