Specs for Eve

Speakeasy’s Internet services started with one hardworkin’ little server: Eve. Here are the original tech specs of that computer.

First Domain Registration

Here’s Mike’s original email, informing the crew that we now had our first web domain, speakeasy.org.

Internet in a Burlap Sack

I was never paid, but got free coffee and colocation for my Linux web server. I also donated the original rack of modems, which served the RAIN terminal network and hosted the first Speakeasy dial up service.

Employee #1

I started hanging out there during the construction. Eventually, I decided Speakeasy needed someone like me.

Dirty Jobs (Done Dirt Cheap!)

I literally began at Speakeasy digging ditches, when I wasn’t trying to get my ‘Internet in a burlap sack’ working.

Let’s Put on a Show!

In September of 1994, my childhood friend, whom I knew as Gretchen Hage, came over to my Alki Point beach cabin with her husband Mike Apgar.