Crushing Through Problems

Web - Cafe Build Out - Plumbing - Mar 1995 - 1One day, just days before our scheduled opening, our electrical inspector was doing the final inspection and asks, ‘where are the UL listing numbers for all the ethernet cables that connect all the computers?’ The cables were all marked with a number that corresponded to a UL listing number in the manufacturer’s documentation, but this was not good enough for this inspector. He required us to rip out all of the intricate cabling that we did and replace it. Working around the clock, the team took care of it and it did not end up impacting the opening. This is just one example of the team getting hit with problems and crushing through them.

Our opening gala was spectacular — tons of media. It was the hot ticket in town, even Krist Novoselic from Nirvana was there. It was a magical night and it felt good to be a part of such a noble effort and team.

— Sam Foucault

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