September 11th

One early Autumn morning, American’s perception of its place in the world was irrevocably altered by four hijacked airplanes; while the devastation […]

Nisqually Earthquake

At nearly 11 AM on February 28th, Seattle experienced a 6.8 earthquake, the most intense earthquake since 1965. While the region has earthquakes of much lower magnitudes nearly every day and the epicenter was further south near Olympia, this one had a massive impact on the city’s infrastructure.

JAMPAC Benefit Screening – L7: The Beauty Process

Founded by former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, JAMPAC was focused on fighting several anti-music and anti-performance laws being introduced or enforced in Washington State. One of its primary causes was to repeal the Teen Dance Ordinance, which it ultimately had a hand in achieving in 2002.

Children Have the Right to Music

The Speakeasy Cafe had become a popular destination in the area, particularly for all-age fans of independent jazz. The atmosphere on the weekend nights was electric, and folks could enjoy free music while drinking coffee, surfing the ‘net, sipping on a beer or enjoying any of the cafe’s delicious food.