Press: Midsize companies beginning to mature

Founded in 1994, Speakeasy evolved into an Internet service provider primarily for residential customers. Two years ago, it started focusing on the business market and has increased the number of business users from 1,200 to 14,000.

Full of Heart

Speakeasy was full of heart at all times. I have a million examples of this kind of corporate integrity and employee investment.

It Could Only Happen at Speakeasy

One warm spring day, we lost our Internet connectivity in the 3rd Ave building, and I just happened to have my BMX in the back of my truck.

Bling Party

We took over an abandoned part of the new building and threw a party for CS. Everyone was decorated in cheap plastic bling.

Press: Speakeasy to offer Firefox browser

Yes, there was a time when Mozilla’s FireFox was considered an ‘upstart,’ and that’s precisely when Speakeasy worked with them to develop a customized version for their customers.