The Angel of Belltown

About a year after the fire, Tom and I moved to the building next door to the old Speakeasy Cafe. If we crawled up through our skylight to the roof garden, we could walk right into its burnt out hulk.

September 11th

One early Autumn morning, American’s perception of its place in the world was irrevocably altered by four hijacked airplanes; while the devastation and emotional toll was immediate, they have had a profound and lasting impact on the psychology of the nation. Speakeasy’s headquarters were located across the nation, but we had thousands of customers on […]

A Great Face for Phone Support

I started in billing and then tech support. I learned that I could Google steps to solve tech issues and make myself seem like a genius!

Feeling Less Helpless, Together

A memory that stands out is getting a phone call from a night shift tech telling me that the cafe was on fire. I rushed down to stand in the street so we could all feel just a little less helpless because we were together. — Nait Parks

As the Windows Above Us Exploded

The rising air made the steel door to the staircase rattle like someone was trying to escape. When the slate pool tables exploded, the falling balls sounded like running feet upstairs.

We All Pulled Together

I always loved the old building(s) we were in, but being in the 2nd Ave office during the Nisqually quake in 2001 was fairly memorable, since I was pretty sure I was going to die.

Threatening Gary Busey

One of my favorite memories is when we held LANsanity in the old pool hall above the cafe.

The Oldest One Here

I was hired at Speakeasy as a Controller in January 2001. Having spent my career at more conservative firms, I was amazed at how young everyone was and the open atmosphere at the company.

Lateral Memories

A lot of my favorite memories are sort of lateral, involving people I met at the Speakeasy, or through activities related to it.

Guinness is Good for You

The first time I had seen Mike Apgar was when my manager walked our training group through the Blue Room and the support floor to get the layout.