Knowledge in Spades

I don’t think I’d ever had so much fun on the job, we laughed daily and the overall vibe was sincere.

Full of Heart

Speakeasy was full of heart at all times. I have a million examples of this kind of corporate integrity and employee investment.

It Could Only Happen at Speakeasy

One warm spring day, we lost our Internet connectivity in the 3rd Ave building, and I just happened to have my BMX in the back of my truck.


Well before social media and viral events were part of an organization’s standard operating procedures, Speakeasy partnered with local radio station KEXP […]

Focusing on the Right Thing to Do

Jay Hollett was newly hired, and I was his mentor, so he sat next to me and asked a lot of questions. We were going out on a smoke break and he had a question about what to do on one of those judgement calls.

Metallica St Anger

Anti-Metallica DDoS

After their infamous battle with Napster, Metallica decided to take the reigns of how their music was distributed digitally by partnering with Speakeasy to release it on the internet.

Fight the Fight Against Misogyny

It was so offensive, I asked Jesse Harris (who was my AS at the time) if he would take the call and act stupid to fight the fight against misogyny.

My Views Were Valuable

At a meeting one morning after about six months or so of starting my job, Mike Apgar turned to me and asked what I thought. In my experiences, this wasn’t how CEOs typically behave.

You Can’t Train Attitude

I have always thought that myself, you can teach anyone anything if they are willing to learn, but you can’t train attitude.

All About the People

It’s rare that you work with a group of folks that you want to spend the rest of your evening hanging out with after a full day in the office.