Well before social media and viral events were part of an organization’s standard operating procedures, Speakeasy partnered with local radio station KEXP […]

The Angel of Belltown

About a year after the fire, Tom and I moved to the building next door to the old Speakeasy Cafe. If we crawled up through our skylight to the roof garden, we could walk right into its burnt out hulk.

The Fire

On the evening of May 18th, 2001, one of the cornerstones of Speakeasy’s ideology, community, and company culture was — quite literally — burned to the ground.

Nisqually Earthquake

At nearly 11 AM on February 28th, Seattle experienced a 6.8 earthquake, the most intense earthquake since 1965. While the region has earthquakes of much lower magnitudes nearly every day and the epicenter was further south near Olympia, this one had a massive impact on the city’s infrastructure.


Introverts from all over converged for LANsanity, a Quake 3 tournament with DJs, beer, and a $1,500 first prize.

Giddy and Free

There are too many memories! There were a lot of good times, but the best times were spent in Belltown and the bestest times were spent before the cafe burned down.

We Were a Family

I lived right next door to Speakeasy, and I loved waking up, stumbling down the stairs, seeing my coworkers and friends right away, getting a cup of coffee at the cafe and laughing about something that happened the night before.

Press: Nader for Prez!

The Speakeasy Cafe hosted a fundraiser for the Green Party presidential hopeful, Ralph Nader.

Press: Local Nightclub Owners: Music To Their Ears

“It ruined us,” said co-owner Gretchen Apgar. “You spend two-and-a-half years building an identity, and then you’re told you can’t do what you are doing. We went down hill and floundered.”