From NetDesk to VP

I started off doing tech support in the evenings on the weekend and found I had a lot of interesting things to learn.

Tickling the Ivories

One of my new roommates brought me down to the Speakeasy Cafe one night after Bumbershoot in early September. It was a packed house and Aaron Straight’s jazz group, ‘Mustard, Ketchup, Relish’ was playing. I was so immediately drawn to the place and the vibe.

Feats of Derring-Do

Belltown Killer was organized by myself and Adrienne Dailey. The participants (around 30 in the first run) were mostly members of Speakeasy, but other Belltown denizens were also playing.

Workin’ Girls

It was the most relaxed work environment I’ve ever experienced and we always had a blast together.