Guinness is Good for You

The first time I had seen Mike Apgar was when my manager walked our training group through the Blue Room and the support floor to get the layout.

Put it in Juakeem’s Box

At some point during my tenure as a barista, I became the curator of the cafe’s music selection. It was my job to buy CDs for the fifty-disc CD changer that served as a primitive iPod, providing the musical backdrop for caffeinated web browsing.

Competing with Napster

I did a couple of music content ‘deals’ for Speakeasy, bundling eMusic and Rhapsody digital music services with customer’s DSL accounts.

Go Do It

What I remember is that we had to move quickly. If you knew how to get the job done, the job was yours.

Giddy and Free

There are too many memories! There were a lot of good times, but the best times were spent in Belltown and the bestest times were spent before the cafe burned down.

We Were a Family

I lived right next door to Speakeasy, and I loved waking up, stumbling down the stairs, seeing my coworkers and friends right away, getting a cup of coffee at the cafe and laughing about something that happened the night before.

Press: Nader for Prez!

The Speakeasy Cafe hosted a fundraiser for the Green Party presidential hopeful, Ralph Nader.