Matthew Siers | A Tribute to Speakeasy

The Speakeasy Effect: Matthew Siers

For everything else about speakeasy, crafting awesome support and administrative assets while respecting people’s varying cultural styles and attitudes was something that set that place completely apart from the rest of the industry.

Jessamyn West | A Tribute to Speakeasy

The Speakeasy Effect: Jessamyn West

Speakeasy truly gave a shit about being a community, a community of users and a community of workers and I’ve brought that with me as a model of what a workplace should be.

The Speakeasy Effect: John Higgie

I have been at 3 different companies since my position came to an end at Speakeasy back in 2010. At all three spots, I don’t think a week has ever gone by when I didn’t tell a story about a best practice I learned, used what I learned about how to deal with a complex finance issue or tell someone about what a great place it was to work.

The Speakeasy Effect: Amy Barone

Speakeasy was a special place where a good idea, no matter where or who it came from, had the ability to get tested, built and come to life.

The Speakeasy Effect: Jesse Davis

Being the bridge between Engineering and Dev at Speakeasy led me to the types of development roles for operations that I do now. As for my personal life, I met many friends there, and miss Seattle terribly.

The Speakeasy Effect: Donovan Sydow

Speakeasy has been one of the hallmarks of my experiences in life and business. I have many folks I still consider friends, some of which are my best friends.