Well before social media and viral events were part of an organization’s standard operating procedures, Speakeasy partnered with local radio station KEXP […]

Metallica St Anger

Anti-Metallica DDoS

After their infamous battle with Napster, Metallica decided to take the reigns of how their music was distributed digitally by partnering with Speakeasy to release it on the internet.

Put it in Juakeem’s Box

At some point during my tenure as a barista, I became the curator of the cafe’s music selection. It was my job to buy CDs for the fifty-disc CD changer that served as a primitive iPod, providing the musical backdrop for caffeinated web browsing.

JAMPAC Benefit Screening – L7: The Beauty Process

Founded by former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, JAMPAC was focused on fighting several anti-music and anti-performance laws being introduced or enforced in Washington State. One of its primary causes was to repeal the Teen Dance Ordinance, which it ultimately had a hand in achieving in 2002.

Tickling the Ivories

One of my new roommates brought me down to the Speakeasy Cafe one night after Bumbershoot in early September. It was a packed house and Aaron Straight’s jazz group, ‘Mustard, Ketchup, Relish’ was playing. I was so immediately drawn to the place and the vibe.

Didgeridoo, with Jam

It was one of the most musical improvisation sessions I have participated in.

Rolling Kegs with Humans in the Way

I loved my early days working weekend nights at the Speakeasy Cafe, behind the bar in a packed house. People came for great bands like Kultur Shock and The Tom Marriott Quartet.

Infamous Alleyways

I’ve been a bass player in a few Seattle bands over the years, and back in the day I used to have band practice in the dank basement below the world famous Rendezvous bar in Belltown.