Tripping Out on Coffee

I worked regular shifts in the cafe for some time, which I enjoyed in the extreme. I also got to trip out on coffee. I love making coffee. I love coffee!

The Whole Internet Guide and Catalog

The day my girlfriend left for school back east, a friend took me out to cheer me up. He brought me to the Speakeasy Cafe to show me ‘The Internet.’

Crushing Through Problems

One day, just days before our scheduled opening, our electrical inspector was doing the final inspection and asks, ‘where are the UL listing numbers for all the ethernet cables that connect all the computers?’

Hypnotizing Chickens

One day, I was walking from the Pike Place Market to our apartment in Belltown. On the way, there was a sign on a door of a building at 2nd and Bell about a Speakeasy, and there were activities and construction inside.