From Russia, with Love

In late November, several of Speakeasy’s web servers were compromised by a hacker based in Russia. After he’d found an exploit, he hijacked the root account on these servers, and then sent a message out to anyone on the server, letting them know what he’d done.

From Arcade to Tech

I was working at an arcade in Seattle when a regular (bnelson) called to me from a mezzanine above and dropped his Speakeasy business card to me.

Improvisational Confidence

Mike actually had a printed out PowerPoint deck with our executive summary and overview. He was tearing out the slides/pages he didn’t like, physically — I don’t even think we had laptops yet.

Ask Lynx

One rainy evening in the largely industrial neighborhood of Georgetown, Speakeasy crew member Jason Jensen found himself being carefully stalked by a rather brazen kitten. After she followed him for several blocks, he took her in, with the intention of finding a home for her.

Press: Local Nightclub Owners: Music To Their Ears

“It ruined us,” said co-owner Gretchen Apgar. “You spend two-and-a-half years building an identity, and then you’re told you can’t do what you are doing. We went down hill and floundered.”

Somehow We Made a Company Happen

My favorite memories of working at Speakeasy all have to do with how ridiculous all of it seemed. We had a shower in the office. If you had an idea, you just did it — if it worked, awesome!

JAMPAC Benefit Screening – L7: The Beauty Process

Founded by former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, JAMPAC was focused on fighting several anti-music and anti-performance laws being introduced or enforced in Washington State. One of its primary causes was to repeal the Teen Dance Ordinance, which it ultimately had a hand in achieving in 2002.